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Spring Magic With Violets - Syrup, Vinegar and Oxymel Recipes

Wild violets recently starting popping up in my dreams and I took this as a sign to dig deeper with these plants but life gets in the way, we get busy and sometimes it doesn't get done. Luckily, violets found me this year and I was able to spend some quality time with these loving plants.

Viola is a small five petaled flower that can come in many different colours; purple, pink, white, lilac, yellow or blue. They have downy heart shaped leaves and when the violets bloom, spring has certainly arrived! Violets mostly enjoy shaded areas and can be found in parks, lawns, forest floors and places that retain a bit of moisture. I found my patch next to a small creek that is surrounded by cottonwoods.

Violets are ruled by Venus which gives them a very captivating and delicate energy. Violets are often associated with tranquility, beauty and peace. Their royal purple color also is connected to loyalty, devotion and consistency.

When it comes to herbal medicine, violets are mostly used for their cooling and mucilaginous qualities but they also possess many other healing properties. Violets can be helpful in getting lymph moving, it can be used as a spring tonic, it is often mentioned in old cases of conjunctivitis or eye inflammation, its oil has been used for ulcers, wounds and scabies along with breast tenderness and the simple inhalation of the aroma the flowers hold can relieve pain in congestive headaches. Violet also have a history of being used in cases of congestion in the airways, coughs and pleurisy.

Violets can be helpful for those who are shy or introverted. It is a very gentle plant and can also help with heartache or grief even with unknown cause. Violet is also a highly spiritual plant being considered very emotionally-attuned and empathetic.

Spring time delivers many of these delicate flowers so harvest can be done quite easily, you may even have some growing in the shady spots of your yard! You can use both the leaves and the flowers when formulating with Violet ~ for these recipes I used mostly just the flower heads and a bit of the calyx and stem. Be aware that any green in your recipes can make for a murkier color so if you are going for bright, vibrant colours use strictly just the flower heads.


Viola Syrup

Syrups are one of the easiest preparations to make with plants! They can be made from fresh or dried plants but I always suggest trying fresh material. This allows you to capture the life energy of the plant and can add to the strength and energy of your medicine. Syrups consist of plant material, distilled water and sugar. Yep, its that simple!


4 Cups Violet Flowers

2 Cups Distilled Water

4 Cups Sugar (at these amounts the sugar acts as a preservative)


Medium Sized Pot

Spoon to Stir Mixture


  1. Gather your violets - remove stems and place flower heads into bowl to the side.

  2. Begin heating your