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Welcoming Yule with Handmade Intentional Ornaments

Yule is here! Yule occurs on and around the Winter Solstice which falls on December 21st. The Winter Solstice is often known as the shortest day of the year and the longest night. Yule represents the light in the darkness. It symbolizes transformation, hope after darkness, rebirth and introspection. During this time we often engage in activities to stimulate warmth and comfort - drinking warm beverages like cocoa or cider, cozying up by a fire or under a fuzzy blanket, we light candles and generate heat. We also celebrate Mother Earth, our families, ancestors and more.

There are plenty of creative ways to celebrate or honor Yule and I encourage you to try many of them. This year I went with Yule Ornaments. I gathered herbs and materials that symbolize Yule or are known themes, symbols and colors that represent the Yule season. I used sand, glitter, herbs, materials from nature, bells and crystals.

Herbs for Yule

Cinnamon: A warming and protective herb. Great for protecting the home and warming the atmosphere.

Rosemary: A symbol for remembrance and celebrating the loved ones we have lost.

Juniper Berries: Potent protective charms.

Hawthorn Berries: A symbol of the heart and unconditional love.

Bay Leaf: Bay leaves are associated with a strong healing power, protection, psychic work, success, wishes, love, creativity. Writing words on bay leaves, such as "abundance," "love," "change," etc. can encourage the leaves to focus on certain aspects of your life.

Mistletoe: A calming herb that promotes feelings of warmth which is ideal for Yule.

Sage: Spiritual purity, grounding and centering. A wonderful charm for the home.

Cranberries: Honor the wisdom of our elders.

Allspice: This herb is often used to attract money and wealth. An amplifying herb.

Materials from Nature

Sand: I used white sand as it represents purity, meditation, divination, the full moon, healing, peace, spiritual strength. Depending on the color of your sand the meaning will change.

Moss/Lichen: Moss presents life, nurturing, safety, strength and protection. It makes a beautiful addition to Yule ornaments.

Pine Needles/Cedar Tips: These both come from Evergreen Trees. Evergreens represent hope, fertility and new life.

Pine Cones: Also a product of Evergreens pine cones are a symbol of birth, restoration and new life. They are also protective symbols for the home.


Tigers Eye: This stone can simulate positive change. It symbolizes courage and protection.

Obsidian: A very protective stone. Excellent for removing negativity and for healing. This stone is also wonderful for manifestation.

Hematite: A stone used for grounding, stabilizing and protecting. It is used to bring mental organization and is a very calming stone.

Smoky Quartz: A very protective and grounding stone. It brings physical and psychic protection which makes its a great home token. It can transform negative energy into positive.

Clear Quartz: A stone for transformation, clarity, healing.

Howlite: A stone of awareness, wisdom and attunement to the higher self. It helps you in severing attachments that no longer serve you.

Other Materials to Use

Bells: Bells represent lifting spirits within the home. They dispel negativity and invite spirit guides.

Mini Yule Logs: A full Yule Log would be a bit too large for an ornament but you could certainly make mini versions to include in your ball! The Yule Log is lit to encourage the Sun to return.

Mini Wreath: Mini wreaths are cute, simple to make and symbolize Yule.

Dried Apples: Apples represent part of the Fall Harvest so baking them shows appreciation for the harvest and encourages another bounty the following year.

Ribbon: Choosing a ribbon that is a color of Yule can be a great decoration for the outside or inside of your ornaments!

Twine: A great eco-friendly decoration for inside or outside.

Silver Glitter: Silver represents an honoring of the Moon and our ability to go within and understand our emotions during the darkest time of the year.

Gold Glitter: Gold celebrates the renewal of the Sun.

Red Glitter: Red celebrates the red berries and waning Holly King.

Green Glitter: Green is a symbol of it's own return despite of the dark and cold days of the Winter.

Simply combine materials inside of an empty and clear ornament - seal tightly with glue and decorate the outside of the ball! Remember, there are many more magical materials you could use in these ornaments so get creative! While crafting, set your intent for the ornament and what you hope it brings your household or the household you are gifting it to.

There are so many gorgeous variations to be made with all of the options you have! The ornaments are perfect additions to your holiday tree and they make wonderful and meaningful gifts for the ones you love. Blessed Yule and Blessed Winter Solstice!

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