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❁ Aphrodisiac Chai Loose Leaf Herbal Tea ❁



Made with traditional herbs used to make masala chai tea. Aphrodisiac herbs are included to aid in relaxing and getting into the "mental mood" for intimacy. Great for both men and woman alike. Make into a warm latte for an evening treat.


+ Holy Basil (Tulsi) is a relaxing herb perfect for letting loose and settling your mind. Tulsi also slightly elevates our testosterone levels which can help get us in the mood.


+ Black Tea is a classic ingredient in chai tea and gives it a warming and enticing action on the body.


+ Damiana Leaf is a wonderful herb for boosting libido! It also has a mood enhancing action which can enhance playfulness. Damiana can also be used in a tea in cases of vaginal dryness.


+ Cardamom Pods are warming and another classic ingredient of masala chai.


+ Clove is another warming herb. Giving us a cozy and safe feeling.


+ Orange Peel a citrus addition to traditional chais.


+ Cinnamon is also a mild aphrodisiac and also warms and comforts the body and mind.


+ Rose Petals are another herb tied closely to the emotional heart. A herb known for it's calming effect on our minds and hearts along with an overall calming effect on our body,




• Organic and Natural

• Handcrafted in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada

• Small Batch

• Loose Leaf Blend

• Gluten Free/Vegan

• Herbal Tea/Does Not Contain Caffeine

• 1 oz bag makes 10-12 cups | 2.75 oz bag makes up to 32 cups.

Aphrodisiac Chai Tea

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