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❂ Amazonite Healing Crystal Bath Bomb ❂

Scented with vanilla, rosemary and juniper berry essential oils. This is a refreshing and relaxing bath bomb with a beautiful tumbled amazonite crystal inside. A crystallized outer design makes this a luxurious sacred healing tool. 

+ Vanilla is known for being a sweet and comforting scent, perfect for times of relaxation and healing.
+ Rosemary is a refreshing herb known for its cognitive effects, it helps to revitalize our memory, sharpen focus yet still calm and settle the mind. Helpful in relaxing the muscles of the body.
+ Juniper Berry is a refreshing and woodsy scent that has a calming effect on our muscles and our minds.
+ Amazonite Crystal is a crystal of positivity, creativity, abundance and playfulness. It can help guide you to your inner child and encourage you to keep your thoughts and mindset joyful and positive. A stone named after the vast and flowing Amazon River, Amazonite can help us go with the flow, to move easily though transition or times of change. 

Handcrafted and hand painted with love in the Okanagan Valley.
Small Batch.
Organic and Natural.

FLOW Healing Amazonite Crystal Bath Bomb

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