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❂ Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Bath Bomb ❂

Scented with vanilla, rose and patchouli essential oils. This is a nourishing and relaxing bath bomb with a beautiful tumbled rose quartz crystal inside. A crystallized outer design makes this a luxurious sacred healing tool. 

+ Vanilla is known for being a sweet and comforting scent, perfect for times of relaxation and healing.
+ Rose is the scent of love, nourishment, care and compassion. A wonderful scent that is calming to the mind and soul.
+ Patchouli is an earthy, grounding scent perfect for unwinding and settling for the day. 
+ Rose Quartz Crystal is a crystal of love, compassion, intimacy and nurturing. Perfect for self love rituals or intimacy with a partner. Rose Quartz reminds us to be patient and loving with ourselves and others and all of the living things around us.

Handcrafted and hand painted with love in the Okanagan Valley.
Small Batch.
Organic and Natural.

LOVE Healing Rose Quartz Crystal Bath Bomb

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